I'm Jake!

I'm a photographer. I like to take pictures. I like it so much that I bought a camera one day. With that camera (and the one after that, and even the one after that) I took a lot of pictures. As of writing, I've taken 73,482 pictures. I began with flowers and squirrels. I moved on to mountains and space. I finally graduated to my fellow human beings. Now I do my darnedest to make a living with it. Yeah, it ain't easy, but do what you love right? Bet you've never heard that one before. I joke, but I really do have no greater love than that of the photograph. Obviously this whole website exists for the sole purpose of sharing that love. So whether you're here to check out my latest work, look for someone to take your photograph, or just got lost browsing Buzzfeed, this is for you. But enough with my rambling, the pertinent information about me is below.


Jake Saxman


Based in Richmond, VA

28 Years of Life Experience 

14-20 Years of Photography Experience

Likes - Dogs, DOTA 2, Denim, Dante's Peak, Australia

Dislikes - Cats, Nintendo, The Fountain, Capris, Ska

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