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I met Dorian many years ago when she was modeling for Studio5800 where I happened to be working as an assistant hauling the lights and proofing photos. She had a very original style and look to her that stood out to me from most of the other models that came through the studio. I remember driving her back to Richmond after and thinking "Gee, I'd sure love to shoot with her someday if I'm ever any decent at this picture thing". So the years rolled by, I got marginally good with a camera, but for whatever reason we had never got around to working together.

Last month I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw some images of a model I wasn't familiar with that I really liked. To my surprise it was Dorian's photography and I was instantly reminded that I needed to work with her. So last week we finally did, and I couldn't be more ~stoked~ with how these all turned out.

We ended up shooting three different sets throughout my friend Remington's very fashionable apartment (it's becoming a popular spot for me). I'd always wanted to make use of windows and natural light like all of my fancy Instagram idols and was finally able to pull it off. She completely nailed the mood I was going for in every single photo without me supplying a single word of direction. Dorian is an absolutely amazing model on top of being a remarkable photographer to boot. Definitely be sure to check out her work here. She mentioned she's planning on moving to the west coast fairly soon, so if you're in need of a talented model (or photographer) in the Richmond area get in touch with her now! As always, be sure to follow along on Tumblr and Instagram for my newest work.

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