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I've had the pleasure of working with Katie a few times now. She's my go-to girl if I have a new concept that I want to try out. Thankfully, Katie is always down with my ideas and just so happens to be full of amazing concepts herself!

We decided we wanted to do something that featured the landscape with her as a centerpiece and determined we'd hit the dunes of Jockey's Ridge in the Outer Banks. On our first go this spring, Katie and her boyfriend Ryan piled into my two door coupe and we headed to the beach with starry eyes. It was partly cloudy the whole way which I figured would be perfect for the images. I was wrong. As soon as we trekked up to the top of the biggest dune the skies opened up. It absolutely poured as heavily as it possibly can on earth for at least half an hour. With zero shelter or even trees to take cover under, we just stood there and took it whilst protecting my camera gear and her wardrobe to the best of our ability. Needless to say, we were completely drenched. Her clothes were soaking and her make-up running. My will to live was growing feeble. We actually ended up shooting one look for about 15 minutes until we said f**k it and gave up due to all around miserableness. But alas! Katie and I returned to those dunes a couple of months later and absolutely nailed it. We shot around five looks for multiple hours right up until the sun was over the horizon. There ended up being so many god damn good pictures from this shoot that there was no way in hell for me to edit all the gold star winners.

So basically, Katie is stupendous for continually working with me and putting up with my ideas and wild weather. I couldn't recommend her more if you're looking for a young, but amazingly talented model full of enthusiasm with a beautiful personality to match her looks. You can view more of her portfolio here. And as always, be sure to follow along on Tumblr and Instagram for my newest work.

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