Jake Saxman Landscapes

I haven't had much to show off from any travels this past year. My focus has become improving my portraiture work, yet my true love still lies in that of travel and landscape photography. I figured I'd share some older work here for a little insight into where I've been and the photographs that accompanied me back home. This series is from a trip to the magical city of Las Vegas last spring for a dear friend's wedding ceremony.

I knew it would be hard to escape the pleasures of Vegas and get out to the desert. I had to beg and plead to get another buddy to accompany me on this little excursion. In the end, it was beyond worth it for the little trouble it took to rent a car and hit I-15 North. If you've never been in the American southwest, I beg you to make time in your busy life to see it just once. The desert vistas, desolate roads, and unwavering temperatures are truly like no other. Look no further than the photos below to get just a taste of a small piece of it just 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas. I give you the aptly named Valley of Fire. 

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