Jake Saxman Modeling

I once again had the pleasure of using my friend Remington's visually pleasing apartment to work with Oliver this past month. We had been following each other on Instagram for years and we finally worked out a shoot to help her update her portfolio. Having never met, I wasn't sure what to expect but she proved quite easily to be skilled in front of a camera. I suffer from the extreme inability to pose models so it's always a relief to me when they come in knowing exactly what they are doing. Oliver proved to do just that while seamlessly changing pose and emotion while I lay back and take hundreds of pictures and hope for the best.

Thankfully the best happened. I really, REALLY love these images we got. The light through the apartment windows was absolutely perfect that day which made my part of the job a complete breeze. Oliver proved patient with me as I tried every which way to craft the setting for each look we did. I probably spent half the shoot moving furniture and lights around until I got precisely what I wanted. I'm sure this can be a pain in the ass for the model who doesn't want to spend all day by my side but I'm also pretty sure it pays off in the end product. Hopefully Oliver agrees with that statement! If not, she still rocks.  Definitely a Richmond gem. She's got the stunning looks and easy going personality to match so most definitely try to work with her! You can view her Instagram here. Enjoy!

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