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Earlier this summer I received an email from Roarie informing me she was coming into town for a few days to shoot. Having shot with her a few years back and witnessing the glory that is Roarie Yum, I couldn't pass that opportunity up. Roarie is probably one of the most well known and respected freelance models that's currently out there. She's travelled the whole world over multiple times doing what she loves AND exceeding it at. That is an astoundingly admirable feat.

The first time we worked together we did a studio shoot (my living room) so this time we went out into the wild, wild world of nature. Unfortunately she arrived in Richmond smack dab in the middle of July. It was hot. Scorching. Like, really god damn hot. I'm sure she's modeled in the hottest of hot and coldest of cold so I wasn't one to complain. So I went down to the James River to scout a few spots in the morning before she arrived and ended up settling on Texas Beach (like always). We met up, caught up, and got straight to work. She has a very fluent workflow where she picks out her outfits and different looks beforehand and arrives ready to go. This can be a blessing and a curse depending on one's styling skill, but obviously a blessing with her. So we shot four separate looks. We got muddy. We got wet. There was a significant amount of sweat. Roarie got naked, as she's want to do. I didn't. That would be weird. She absolutely killed it. Watching her model is basically watching a slow form interpretive dance that's truly a sight to behold. Many a random river passerby certainly got to behold it, but of course Roarie doesn't give a f**k. And that's why she's amazing. Amongst many other reasons. 

So we got some rockin' shots. I've included some below and there's more to be seen on my Patreon if you'd like. You can view her portfolio here. I highly, highly recommend you say yes if she ever inquires about booking her. Considering she only reaches out to people who's work she loves, its a big compliment. She's stunning, easy to work with, knows what the hell she's doing, and has an impossible to dislike quirky personality brimming with inquisitiveness and intelligence. So enjoy the photos and be sure to follow along on Tumblr and Instagram for my newest work!

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